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Hernandez, Jacqueline
"Growing up I was always taught and told to try my hardest and always be the best in everything I do. I would make goals and reach them. But then came a chapter in my life in which I had no clue on what was the next step for me was facing my senior year. I always had different careers in my mind, but I couldn’t figure out which I really wanted to settle for. To this day I have not been able to figure out my goal in life, but I have joined ELLAS, which has exposed me to successful women in the work place, who have made me a more open-minded person, and taught me many values in life. ELLAS shows young Latina women, that a little extra work and confidence will take you to great places. I’m living this adventurous journey at this moment. I am building my confidence to make me a stronger and more successful person. ELLAS has helped me in life and has changed my perspective of life in different ways. I can proudly say, “I am an ELLAS girl!”


Pinto, Elyse
"ELLAS has helped me and inspired me to become something good in life. As a Latina, by the media, I am known as a person with no education and no future. ELLAS has showed me that there are Latinas that are something important and have become my role models in life. These Latinas are what drive me to become what they are. ELLAS has pushed me to the top of my level, they believe in me and my dreams. Once I’ve reached my dreams and become something great! I want to become part of the ELLAS organization and maybe become a role model for the next generation of Latinas of America. I think without the ELLAS, I would become part of what the media has labeled Latinas."


Elena Hernandez
"ELLAS has impacted my life in a good way by helping me get introduced to the world. Through ELLAS I have been able to meet people who will help me with a future career. Through society I have been thought of as not succeeding in any kind of career. ELLAS has taught and shown me that I can. It has inspired me to do what is necessary to get through college and so something with my life. The program has taught me that my dreams are not impossible.


Jessica O.
"I've learned that even if your not rich you can still make a career if you finish college & high school."


Ianna M.

"Nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do".


Eliza M.
"I learned if you have a dream, try hard to make it come true."


Antonae A.
"I learned that you can do whatever you put your mind to."

Malaaka G.
" I learned that ladies are very powerful."


Jayda C
" I learned that it doesn't matter where you come from, or what you start off with, as long as you believe, you can be successful."


Michelle D.
"I learned that no matter what race or how much money you have, you can always do what you dream. You just have to be motivated".


Nancy Correa
"Since I began being a part of ELLAS, the program has encouraged me to reach higher education. As a high school student I was unsure what I wanted to do so I was going to attend a Junior College. However Pilar, the founder, took me on a tour of a university where we spoke to a counselor. This encouraged me to apply to universities since the counselor mentioned that I was a suitable student. For this reason I am now a student at CSULB. Now as a college student, ELLAS continues to motivate me to succeed. Attending the ELLAS conference has also greatly helped me. At the conference one has the opportunity to learn through different perspectives how Latinas can prosper in many career fields. It is also a great way to network and meet professionals of different industries. Today, I am proud to share that I work of Univision 34 Los Angeles. Thank you! Pilar/ELLAS"


Erika Castillo
"ELLAS has been a program that has given me courage and motivated me to pursue higher education. Going to the ELLAS conferences and benefiting from the honor of having guest speakers and the Dulcinea Honorees speak about their careers, not job! but careers! That motivated me to pursue the career of my choosing. Pilar is an amazing! woman who has done everything she can to get the ELLAS girls to pursue their dreams. Pilar has shown me nothing but encouragement and given me positive words of advice throughout my ongoing journey. Today, I am a Social Welfare major (and in the process of being an Education minor) at UC Berkeley. Coming to such a great university come with a lot of struggle and sacrifice. Leaving my family was, and still is, the hardest thing about moving to a different city to pursue my dreams, but I can see that it is worth it, because I am doing and pursuing what I feel passionate about. Pilar and ELLAS, just like my family, have been there for me and have supported me on my journey to higher education and I am very grateful to be a part of this community."

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